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Kalitenin ve Yaratıcılığın Buluştuğu Yolculuk

Her bir ürünümüzün arkasında, müşterilerimizin hayatlarında özel bir rol oynaması için büyük bir özen ve dikkat bulunur.

Our story

Hello, I am Aleyna, the founder and designer of the Niqbin Design brand. We founded it with my wife in 2021.

We produce handmade bags, wallets and office accessories from solid wood and real leather. Our aim is to create original and remarkable products.

The basic materials of our products are carefully selected solid wood and real leather. We shape each product with the hands of our master craftsmen.

We care about diversity and individuality. Each of our products is original and unique.

Customer satisfaction is very valuable to us. We aim to exceed every customer's expectations.

Our brand aims to add value to people's lives with original handcrafted designs. We welcome you to our family.